Reply To: Operation “Over-the-top” | Rounding up American citizens

In Search of Liberty

Does anyone recall their history? Specifically, Nazi Germany, circa 1930 -1945? You know, I would like to hear the opinions of WWII veterans on today’s America. Hear what they think about SO laws. Why? Because these men fought against this same type of tyranny in Europe and the Pacific, against Germany and Japan. Both these Countries practiced the very same policies as America does today with RSOs. Germany against the Jewish people and Japan against the Chinese and Korean people. Oppression, denial of rights and privileges, banishment, harassment. Are these not the same things America’s RSO suffer? Most definitely, which begs the question: have we in America sunk to the same level of depravity and mean spiritedness as the Nazi and in the process forgot what our brave men and women fought for and against in WWII? So again, I would love to speak with a group of WWII veterans to get their take on today’s America.