Reply To: Teen offered 350 years or life as SVP for sexting!

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H n H, the problem in this country is that people have been dumbed down and brainwashed by constant propaganda being thrown in their faces every time they watch ANYTHING on television, listen to a radio, or pick up a newspaper. In my state, the news station has a sex crime story 5-6 nights a week on average. They make it seem like there are sex crimes happening everywhere. That’s because most media is owned by the same people who have their fingers in the Prison Industry/Law Enforcement/Military pie. All three of those are tied together. Why do you think we have so many damaged vets becoming cops? Why do all of the jails and prisons (including Guantanamo Bay) have the same light fixtures/clothing/materials? It’s all tied together into one giant cash cow. No politician or public figure would DARE point out this modern day witch hunt – other than VERY brave people like Sean Penn, etc. – because it would be career suicide! People have been dumbed down and brainwashed in the general public. It’s not only on the news, it is in virtually every single show on television. At some point in EVERY show, some sort of sex crime story or joke will happen. It’s a pretty ignorant and sick world we live in, sadly.