Reply To: Teen offered 350 years or life as SVP for sexting!

NH Registrant

I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently since my health has been going downhill faster with each coming year. I’m technically already dead. I’ve been dead since I was tackled and beaten up by cops in front of my own home a decade ago. That started this whole ball rolling. Being on the registry for LIFE feels like you’re someone else’s paycheck for life. So, I’ve come to the realization that I am really dead but my body hasn’t gotten the memo yet. I’ve been completely alone and don’t dare date anyone because their entire family will need to know I am on the Registry. That is a hell of a gamble to take. All they have to do is get upset about something I say or if I break up with their family member. Everyone has a cell phone and, since I am a registered citizen, any story they cook up will be instantly believed. Then, what would I have to look forward to? Back to prison for maybe a decade this time? So, since I am on the edge of being elderly, I will get to pass away in prison? Yeah. Lots to look forward to. I am grateful that I got to live the first half of my life NOT on a public registry. If they bust these 18 year olds for sexting, give them the longer prison sentences they have these days, and have them on the registry for life, then they have pretty much publicly executed them. Does the punishment fit the crime? I don’t think so at all. But, some people do. And Politicians/Police/Prison Industry People bank on that kind of ignorance.