Reply To: Teen offered 350 years or life as SVP for sexting!

H n H

I don’t know how else to get this through anymore. These aren’t “crimes”, they are an outright abuse of power. What is wrong with this country that we’ve allowed this to happen? It’s glaringly obvious that power is being abused, but who’s doing anything about it? What about this young man and his life? What about the people murdered for being on the registry? What about my stupid case which I DID fight for, for being something so trivial, only to be convicted and later find out that the only reason it went to a trial was because my fiance’s ex husband wanted to destroy her through me and by taking my career? What on earth is wrong with this country that everyone is so lulled into the false sense of protection these trumped up charges and the registry produce?

There is no way to fight this system. As soon as someone stands up to the powers to be, then society reacts like a raging baboon screaming “If you hurt a child you deserve what you get!” They don’t want to know that a VAST majority of the charges and destroyed lives stem from abuse of power. I’m sorry to say this, but the ONLY way it will be resolved is to decriminalize all these sex charges. (Violent rapes excluded) That isn’t to say make underage sex legal, but that it takes the power away from the courts because they can NOT be trusted to NOT abuse their power! Does anyone understand this? Or am I just tapping at the keyboard in vain? Treat people involved in these cases as decent people who made a mistake, as a civil matter and get the people the help they need to create boundaries for what’s morally acceptable. But to destroy someones life? While the families are screaming not to destroy a life, and as the DA laughs his butt off? IT SHOULD MAKE PEOPLE MAD! ANGRY! The same thing occurred with the race riots in the 60’s, and it’s only going to get worse people.