Reply To: Teen offered 350 years or life as SVP for sexting!

In Search of Liberty

Wow! The lives that this monster named “registry” has devoured. Can it be compared to the gas chambers that took hundreds of thousands of lives in Nazi concentration camps during WWII? Well no, because there is no physical killing when put on the registry. What you have however, is a social death, may be a psychological death, given the number of suicides in recent years as a result of being put on the registry. Certainly a financial death as the registry severely constrains your career opportunities. Decent housing is most definitely killed as most property owners and apartment managers are loath to rent to a registrants, hence, a very high homelessness rate among registrants. Of yes of course, if you have the right kind of annual income, you can most certainly purchase your own home but here is the catch with that scenario: the state is going to make sure, by blowing the registry horn real loud, that the whole neighborhood knows you that you are there. And we all know the results that will bring about. But I am not telling anyone anything they don’t already know about being on this registry thing.