Reply To: Teen offered 350 years or life as SVP for sexting!

James Townsend

Has anybody ever heard of the word miscarriage of Justice. First authorities will give a bogus operation of an underage child. Hey I even get e-mails from people saying .. want to hook up or I’m waiting for you click on … such and such to chat… Its just a police con.
These police are marketing most all of us caught up in all this. We are money in the bank for them. They know sex is more appealing than saying come on over and lets have some fun when they know…. since they are on a sex site anyway one wouldn’t be coming over to talk about the stock market.
And on some of the papers we all sign when we take a plea deal is that we cannot defend ourselves as there is some clause they try to enforce in those rules and rights they give one. That in itself needs to be addressed.