Reply To: Columbus Dispatch declares boldly, courageously, correctly

James Townsend

People everywhere you go they like dirty laundry. Now we have science saying that recidivism rate telling all what they should of known years ago. As far as these sex classes go or sex offender treatment programs they are no more than a course in human nature.
Just ban sex all together and problem is solved or is it? Behavior plays a lot in the quality of people. The problem is who is an offender and who is not? If one cresses a teen does that make them a sex offender or gives them a hug? Should not one say look but don’t touch?
And how about these opportunities that law enforcement set those up with. They really must be rocket scientist to come up with that one and use sex as the bait. I guess we can all play chicken at times and the law is ready to pluck your feathers but still who’s controlling the strings? People we all need to sound the word.
Sure I would lock someone up for rape or punish them somehow but its the circumstances in every case and when authorities get involved one has to say dirty laundry. News at six.