Reply To: Like death and taxes, some things never change

H n H

Dave, I also know the whole “knock at the door” paranoia. I live it daily as well. My uncle rang my doorbell a few weeks ago, and instantly I panicked, snooping out through the curtains to see if the police were here or something. Like you, I am not guilty of the crime I was accused of and fought the outlandish charges which had been completely blown out of proportion to secure my felony. I also appealed, it went on for nearly 3 years and yes I made it all the way to the Supreme Court. My lawyer was 98 – 99% certain I was going to have my charges overturned, Wow was he wrong. The appeals court literally made stuff up to rewrite the events to make their own narrative of events to secure their conviction. Clearly, events were perverted for the states own agenda, even if the facts didn’t support the charges. Don’t forget the appeals court has one agenda, to uphold the decision found in the trial. And if you take it further, the Supreme Court can just say “denied”, then you’re sunk. Been there, done that, am living it. I’m a single male in my 40’s, and I know noone will ever date me again. The registry has destroyed me and taken everything from me. And I really take notice of anyone saying “you have only yourself to blame”. Those who quickly judge don’t care about facts, all they feel like doing is hating, and justified hatred (in their minds) is as powerful of an ego boost as drugs.

I wish you well, but remember, there are people who see this injustice. I for one would like to see all “sex offenses” where a consensual teen is involved be made into a civil matter with heavy fines levied. If the courts can fight to charge an underage individual as an adult for murder, then it shows clearly that individual IS capable of doing things they shouldn’t. But the courts have it both ways, lucky for them. However, in the landscape we find ourselves with private run prisons, corrupt courts and the registry, it’s a HUGE battle, and one we can’t do as one person alone. I for one thought we lived in the land of the free, not the land of money hungry corrupt politicians hell bent on destroying lives for their own gain.