Reply To: Like death and taxes, some things never change


Wow I thought it was just me I have this problem as well a knock on the door sends me down the panic attack hole and the phone gives me the creeps when it goes off is it another lawyer with bad news?, cops?, probation?. I’m a man and this sexual blacklisting all got to me once when i finished probation and I had a little mental break down and started yell profanities as loud as I could in my house braking some things and before I knew it my house was surrounded by police cars at least 4 and they were pounding on the front and back doors. I opened the door and they told me my neighbors reported hearing women and children screaming inside my house. I told them to come in and have a look and explained the stress just got to me. They left and told me i’m lucky to have neighbors that care I said RIGHT in the most sarcastic way possible. I hate this system for what it has done to me and i’m not ok with it. I’m not guilty and my case is still going on and if I win I will make sure there there is a very big price to pay. Me and this system will never be done.