Reply To: Like death and taxes, some things never change


I cannot live in the US being labeled as a sex offender. I know in my heart that I am not what the label represents. But that does not make my life any easier in the US, even in a church I am discriminated. I find not forgivance. The supervision/probation overlords are a big bully designed to make our life more miserable than it already is.

I am a naturalized US citizen. I went to college in this country, had a decent career and was in the process of bringing my family to the US. An unfortunate event happened in my life and I ended up in the registry. I recently received a letter from USCIS that they are denying my family’s immigration visa, unless if I can prove according to their narrative, which I don’t know who to. I find it difficult to travel outside. They system is designed so we rot and pass away. The system is not designed to give people a second change. They force us to take those sex addiction or sex offender classes just to prove their narrative. There is no good prospect for a better job or career, family, a decent place called home, nothing, it seems surviving finding oneself at the edge of being homeless with constant fear of losing a temporary rented room, jobless when with a minimum wage one, no meaningful human relationship, cannot go online to dating website or social website, cannot go to a bar to meet other adults, have to be in that same room when the overlords come banging on the door at any time, go see the overloards every month, is this life? what am I doing? is death the freedom from this misery that they call life? Where is forgiveness? where is a second chance? where is love? Where is God?