Reply To: Like death and taxes, some things never change


That good ol sex offender registry. I’m going to call it exactly what it is. It is a list that says it is ok to bully these people. That’s basically what the list is used for. I have been on that registry for over thirteen years for a mistake I made as an older teenager. I can tell you this from experience, not many people that need to look at it actually do. The people with young kids or women who are living in an area where they could be susceptible to being sexually assaulted aren’t really paying much attention to that list. What I have seen with my own eyes is that most of the people that use it are just people that are unhappy and looking for someone else to pick on because they don’t like their own situation. These people don’t have kids or anything of that nature. They are just grown up immature individuals with nothing going for them. People who actually use their brains know that the registry does not make them safe. The registry in every state does nothing but grow larger. The only way to keep your kids and self safe from a sex crime is to treat everyone you don’t know well as someone who is potentially capable of doing something wrong to you. You know I get tired of seeing the oppression over and over again. I was originally supposed to register for ten years and thanks to a federal law I am now required to register for life even though I was a few years shy of being taken off the registry. I try and educate the general public on the registry because they have no idea of how these people are so they see them in a one dimensional fashion. That’s terrible. That’s an easy way for American society to spread hate and fear. It bothered me so much that I wrote a short biography on my life. I even self-published it on Amazon. It is called “An ambivalent pariah”. In this book I don’t parade myself off as a hero because I know in my youth I was no saint. Even as much of a heathen as I was I wasn’t the person the sex offender registry made me out to be. Now I’m on a crusade. I wrote my book and now I am recruiting offenders to write me their stories of how they came to be on the registry and how it has affected their life. I will take that information and create one super book that I can publish and give the money back to the offenders. I am sure that I will end up put away for telling too much truth.