Reply To: North Carolina versus First Amendment: SCOTUS to decide

H n H

Does anyone have information on the original intent and arguments for and against the registry? Clearly… and I do mean CLEARLY, the list has been abused by people and the government! It was not going to be used for vigilantism (I recall that being a fear of implementing the cursed thing, but I can’t find who or where it was said), but it has been. Also, the entire registry was supposed to be “regulatory”, not in any way shape or form “punitive”. So, how do states run with the registry to tack on residency restrictions and internet bans? If… IF! The registry is a civil regulation, then why tack on another felony if someone fails to register? Why should registrants be penalized by having to pay for the privilege to be publicly shamed and made into a social leper? Is the system interested in the children or are they more interested in doing as much harm to an individual as possible without outright killing them? And why, if the entire “Megans Law”, or “Jessica’s Law” which led to this entire fiasco could be instituted for the single argument “it can save just one little girl”… and it hasn’t, then the opposite MUST be considered! I don’t have to say all the negatives about the registry, if you’re reading this, you know it. However, the registry HAS led to vigilantism, and outright government sponsored bullying. Is that ok? Does that make the suicides and murders brought on by the registry ok? What if little Jessica had been murdered because of the registry? Would they get rid of the entire thing just in her honor? Oh, I’m sure you’d have plenty of liberals screaming for its reversal in a heartbeat! But…

The situations surrounding these 2 girls have been clearly USED to inhibit the rights of everyone since lawmakers had a field day with the entire registry scandal. I wonder how those girls would feel knowing other people have been murdered because of a law named after them? Or do lawmakers look the other way because the lives, hearts and souls of those on the registry apparently don’t mean anything anymore? I don’t see one single outcry for the people murdered because they were on the registry, and all the other government bullying is allowed and not even spoken of. The state has pounded one thing into my head with a sledgehammer, being on their registry, this life is now a prison, and the powers to be have done enough to me to make me hate life. They clearly want me dead, only thing is, killing is illegal, or I’m sure they’d tack that on as a punishment… and probably have the temerity to claim the death was regulatory.