Reply To: North Carolina versus First Amendment: SCOTUS to decide



Underlying the NC law (and the nearly identical but much more punitive Louisiana law) is the presumption that the ONLY reason a registered citizen would be on social media is to seek new victims.
I’m looking for work, after losing my job last year due to an injury that kept me out for 7 months. Every site with job search advice says the same thing–work your social network. I’d like a LinkedIn account: I keep seeing that I practically have to have one. From an article on MarketWatch: “Recruiters scour the world’s most popular professional networking site looking for the perfect candidate… Some 93% of hiring managers search LinkedIn for recruits, according to a survey by career website Jobvite; 65% search Facebook, and 55% consult Twitter accounts.”
But I’m in Louisiana. Having one of these accounts in my real name would earn me a new felony, a potential 10 years (!) in prison, and restart the clock on my registration (13 years into 25–originally 10, but I was reclassified thanks to SORNA). The Attorney General’s Office refuses to provide a list of sites that are not off limits OR a list of sites which have led to prosecution. It’s a minefield.