Reply To: North Carolina versus First Amendment: SCOTUS to decide

John W

In my opinion, any decision other than 8-0, (or 9-0), against the state of N.C. for their law on social media would be ridiculous. I’m actually surprised that any court, or any lawmaker, can justify this law, except if that person himself, had used social media to commit a sex crime in the first place.

I’ve read of people being convicted of sex crimes for chatting with underage girls on the internet, then agreeing to meet them for sex, only to find out that they were actually the police portraying to be the underage girl. No matter how we spin the facts, the courts have found, even though there was no victim, the mere acting on that thought of having a underage victim was justification for a conviction.

So this is my question. If a person watched a show on cable called, “Shameless”, and he knew that Episode 11 was going to portray a 60 yr. old man having sex with a 15 yr. old girl, (but in reality she was a 23 yr old actress), and he deliberately sat down with malice aforethought, in front of his TV, wouldn’t he then be guilty of a sex crime for purposely watching it, or does that law only pertain to watching it on the internet or social media, instead of cable or DVD?