Reply To: “Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’”

NH Registrant


I , for one, will never stop being an activist. It is in my blood and in every fiber of my being. I will always speak out about injustice. I have taken many hits for it. In fact, the whole reason I am in this mess is because I dared to try to protect my child from a corrupt school administration that wasn’t doing their jobs and watching their students. So, they wanted to destroy my credibility. And, with the general public, they did.
However, nearly everyone in my little town knows what happened and why it happened. I have received many words of sympathy from people locally. They say things like “I can’t believe they destroyed your whole life over this!” and “You just can’t fight city hall, even in a small town like this! I’m sorry this happened to you.” So, things like that keep me going. As far as the state and the country are concerned, I am the same as anyone else on the registry and the lowest form of life (in their eyes). Sure, that gets to me at times, but it will never defeat me. What happened to me was plain wrong. What happened to other people blackmailed into copping a plea is just as wrong.
Incidentally, it is just like the Witch Hunts of the 1600’s. It became a common hysteria. It only stopped when practically everyone started accusing everyone else of being witches – including some people of prominent positions! It overwhelmed their systems at the time. It will take longer this time, if it does die the same way, because those of “prominence” have much better protections and have purchased the court system as easily as a regular person would purchase a sandwich at a local restaurant.
So, like I said, I will not give up. I can’t. It is not in my nature. I am just realistic about what I am up against. Knowing your enemy/opponent is vital in any battle. And this is a colossal battle.