Reply To: “Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’”



Don’t ever give up! Any of you!
The fight may be hard and the battle up-hill, but I will never give up fighting for my family member who is caught up in all of the registry bull. Giving up means “they” win, and I’m not about to let “them” win, ever.
So for everyone out there that has been beaten up, chewed up and spit back out by the ridiculous registry, just keep fighting.
Every year there are more and more registrants, that means more and more friends and families who are tired of the bull that politicians and law enforcement want the public to believe about registrants. The more of us that make our voices heard in print, media, public, the more society will see that we are no longer willing to hang our heads in shame, hide in the shadows or move out to the boondocks.
I’m an eternal pessimist, but on this subject, I know if we just keep banging on the doors, they have to let us in sooner or later!