Reply To: “Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’”


NH Registrant


Thank you for the reply! I believe you hit the nail on the head. This certainly does look like a test case for public registration of people. They want to see how long they can do this while continually putting out propaganda based on lies to the public through the media and other sources. It is working. The majority of people have bought the lies. I have seen people online accusing each other of being pedophiles because it is a powerful weapon to use against someone they don’t like. If they get enough people to believe it, then group-think takes over and they all believe it to be true. That is a small example of what is going on in the greater world. Enough people are buying the lies, so they believe it to be true. It’s a basic psychology fact that people cling strongly to their beliefs (even if they are COMPLETELY wrong) for many reasons: to belong to a crowd, to look good, and to make themselves feel better.

I fully agree with you that this is a further attempt to destroy the family and relationships. There is a huge over-population situation going on in the world. So, if they can convince the sexes to mistrust each other, then they won’t get married or date as much and less children will be born. Sure, that sounds pretty “out there”. But, it is a logical hypothesis. You can look up lots of the “elites” talking about over-population and what can be done about it. I believe this may, indeed, be one of their schemes.