Reply To: “Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’”


And to add to your info and rants NH. There is even a bigger picture. They do not want men and women together, they do not want strong families, they do not want people being prosperous and independent. Sex Registration I believe is a huge step toward the government taking people rights away as a test subject. What I mean is..agreeing with what you have said, the media brain washing ect… They have put fear into women about men imparticularly, the whole system is set up to encourage women to make false accusations. Their name remain annomous, and if they recant there accusations there is no punishment for them. This is a huge money machine..A day of course there is a different set of rules for the Lawyers sons, judges sons ect..Of course they convict poor people of Sex crimes and sensationalize a few celebrity cases to put the buzz out there. Sex offenders have the Lowest residism rate. But they they want to track people, it’s not about keeping the public safe, it about control and money.