Reply To: “Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’”


NH Registrant

Joe, thank you for the compliment! I, too, am a college graduate. I managed to do work in my chosen field for about a decade until I got hit with this. Now, I am a public pariah. I have since had a stroke and my health is now in steady decline. Doctors tell me I have maybe a decade left before my body gives up entirely. I am only middle-aged. Since this has happened to me (No, I didn’t do it and yes, I was forced/threatened into a plea deal where it was my word against a cop. I was given a choice: fight and get 20yrs minimum, or take the plea and get 8 maximum. Nice choice.) So, I live this every single day of my life. Someone was going around murdering people on the Registry in 2013 not more than 20 miles from where I live. The police never found the guy – nor will they. I live this nonsense every day and I am on the Registry for the rest of my LIFE because of a possession conviction. So, I get to live out my final years as an outcast from society. All to make some politicians, prosecutors, judges, and cops some extra pocket money and promotions. It’s ridiculous. NO other crime requires registration. Just sex offenses.

Sorry for the rant. But, I get passionate about this. Like you, my life has been destroyed by this. I can never date again – even if I wanted to. Nearly all of my family has abandoned me – some out of embarrassment of association. And I have grandchildren who I will never meet and will never know me. All thanks to ONE conviction.

Now, I just take life one day at a time. I don’t like to think about the future much because I have none thanks to the Registry. If there was NO registry, I could have started rebuilding my life and maybe found someone nice to settle down with. Maybe that would extend my life somewhat. But, my situation eats at me every day and makes my health decline that much faster. To those who don’t know anyone on the Registry and listen to the TV, they don’t give a rat’s posterior if we live or die. That is sad. We are human beings. But, apparently, we gave up that right of humanity when we signed the plea deal.