Reply To: “Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’”

NH Registrant

Sex Crimes and the Public Registry are cash cows for state governments in particular. Here’s why:


– A sex crime is an EASY prosecution (regardless of what people like Gloria Allred say)
– Most times, accusations and arrests are made VERY public in the media
– The media puts out the propaganda machine to shape public opinion
– With those two things above happening it is a near impossibility to find an un-tainted jury for a trial.
– Very often it is the defendant’s word against law enforcement who work directly with prosecutors to ensure convictions in most crimes
– Nearly ALL defendants these days take plea deals because they are threatened with long prison sentences if they dare fight for their innocence. In sex crime cases, it is a LOT harder to fight it in court unless you have a top notch lawyer and most people can’t afford that. The so-called “justice” system knows this. So, they primarily go after defendants who are poor.


– States charge $35,000 minimum in taxes to house someone in prison. Nearly all of that goes to the staff and administration. Inmates are given hand-me-down clothes (even underwear and socks) to make sure they run a very small budget. State prisons are just as nasty as private prisons. The same corners are cut and the same inhumanity happens there. I should know, I was in prison for years.
– Corporations are involved in prisons very heavily. EVEN STATE PRISONS! The media will try to re-direct attention to private prisons only. But, as a former inmate, let me tell you: ALL prisons are privately run. It’s a plain fact. Need proof? Take a look at some reality shows showing footage of prisons and jails. Notice the same light fixtures? Notice the same clothing? Notice the same building construction materials? It is all tied in together. Law Enforcement is tied to the military which is owned by corporations. It’s just like the fictional movie Robocop with the OCP corporation owning the police. Art imitates life.


– Many people convicted are given huge “top numbers” (the maximum years of your sentence) and small numbers at the bottom. Therefore, they stay on Probation/Parole for many years.
– During the time those convicted are Parolees, they are forced to participate in Re-Education–ummm, Brainwashing— umm Therapy — most of the time at their OWN cost. Most of these fly-by-night therapy businesses refuse to accept insurance so that kickbacks can be given to the corrections department for making sure they have a steady influx of parolees.
– Parolees are nearly always FORCED to stay in the therapy classes for the duration of their parole. Sometimes, this can be a decade or more. Mine in particular was for 5 years and they collected $80/session fees from me twice a month. In total, they got $9600 from me because of this policy. I am one of hundreds of people that were part of that “therapy”. Only some of us were SO’s. The rest were substance abuse parolees. Imagine the MONEY that place was raking in and the kickbacks Corrections was getting!!
– Many Parolees on sex charges often have to wear a GPS bracelet that costs them $75 a week.
– Many Parolees also have to pay a fee to Parole – sometimes as much as $100 a month.
– Most states are now FORCING people to pay for their Public Defender which is a Constitutionally Guaranteed Free Right! Many times, this can be well over $10,000 just for a guilty plea. I am paying for decades because I am poor. If you don’t pay, you go back to prison on a new charge of non-compliance.


– The Registry is cheap to maintain. The websites are so simple that a person with a rudimentary web page construction app could make it. And they most likely do NOT pay for government domains.
– States collect a FEE from people on the Registry. This fee can be $50-$150 a year depending on where you live. Tens of thousands of Registrants paying $150 a year means MILLIONS of free state revenue.
– Private websites like CITY-DATA, HOMEFACTS, and MUGSHOTS also post the Registry information online. They will extort money from someone who requests their name be removed. As far as I know, this is ILLEGAL. Yet, the State Governments don’t do ANYTHING about it. The Registry is public information, yes. But as I understand it, it is supposed to ONLY be on State Police websites where a person has to digitally sign an agreement that they will not use the information for illegal purposes. CITY-DATA, HOMEFACTS and MUGSHOTS have no such agreement.
– There are also Smart Phone Apps that are sold to people which, at the press of a touch control, can inform them of every single Registrant nearby.


– The media sensationalizes Sex Crime stories on the news and it makes the stations tons of money from the sick fascination that people have with watching it.
– There is a new show that has 2 women going after sex crime cold cases. I am not sure if the show still airs. But, it is/was a thing and made enough money to get on TV.
– The ONLY version of the TV show Law & Order is SVU (Special Victims Unit) which is primarily about going after sex crimes. So, there is still a big public interest in it.
– Politicians and the media are tied because of the corporate propaganda.
– Politicians get kickbacks and campaign donations from the prison industry/law enforcement/military industrial complex. The information about the bribery is easily found if you look.

So, you see? It is a big Cash Cow for everyone involved. The Registry will NEVER be abolished as long as those in charge are paid to keep it going. As long as there are BILLIONS in profit from it, the Registry and the Sex Crime Hysteria will continue. I don’t mean to be pessimistic. But, I am a realist. I have seen the things I wrote about above for myself with my own eyes. I have seen the profiteering. I have seen the shady skirting of the law. I have seen Constitutional Rights get violated again and again with no accountability. It’s no secret to those of us who are directly affected by it. We live it every single day – whether in prison, on parole, or just on the Registry, it is part of our lives – unfortunately. People do worse crimes and have NO Registry. Sex Crime Hysteria is effective propaganda and very profitable for those involved in perpetuating myths playing upon public paranoia through mis-information.