Reply To: “Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’”


My husband is one affected by these retroactive laws. He has a misdemeanor conviction from 1995 and the difference between the registry in 1995 and now is night and day.

Back then he had to register his address with law enforcement. Now… well now it’s just crazy. Our address, vehicle info including license plate numbers, his photo, and place of employment (which he’s lucky to have with all this bull). If he had access to a company truck or vehicle that information would also be public knowledge as well.

His ID, passport (now useless), email address, phone numbers he regularly uses and all internet user names are compiled. If you type our address into Google, his registration is the first hit returned.

Though he’s been completely offense free since his 1995 misdemeanor, the burden of the registry makes our life worse and worse. The registry makes no distinction between his misdemeanor crime and that of a violent felon.

Anyone who feels it isn’t punishment should have to live it for a year. And then for no real reason at all, on day number 364 have that year bumped to 25. And while we’re at it, now let’s prevent you from all international travel. Oh, you have a business or want to go on a family vacation like you have successfully done without incident you’re entire life, well too bad.

The ever increasing registry should scare the hell out of all of us, but especially mothers and fathers of sons (males being the bulk of registrants).

Thanks for your help in this daunting uphill fight.