Reply To: NARSOL Press Release: Supreme Court Arguments Monday


James Townsend

People I didn’t want to comment on this thread but since you all seem so worried, I wondered who said “there is noting to fear but fear itself” or the saying “erase the hate”.

See I don’t want to be wise or the great philosophy thinker on here because I don’t have a brain like some.

Now I will be going to trail on Tuesday on an issue similar to this one. I couldn’t care less about face book, mind space or whatever its called or any of those things like twitter or The Twilight Zone or interacting with others if that’s the case. I think you all just want to be intimidated by all this.

Remember you can’t start a fire without a spark but than you should know how to put out a fire when it starts.

Aside from the issue about the internet one has to remember how they got involved in all this to start with? One has to say can man actually take all of our rights away, can man shove a piece of paper right in front of you and make you sigh it or if you don’t that is contempt. Can man drain your bank account to pay off your fines and other charges? When you as thinkers can come up with the answer you let me know.

Sometimes I wonder if a person can’t change their socks with a manual to tell them how to do it.