Reply To: NARSOL Press Release: Supreme Court Arguments Monday



What difference would it really make if the Court decided to stop charging people with a felony for using Facebook?
Facebook already has a rule in place that bars SO’s from using their site.
Sometimes it takes them a week or more to find us, but so long as we use our REAL names and Photos on Facebook, our accounts will be deleted immediately.
It happened to me TWICE on FB. The first FB account I had lasted 4 years. Then, our former (idiot jackass) Attny Gen, DICKhead Blumenthal FORCED Facebook, MySpace and other sites to match names and faces to the SOR.

In you battle with the courts for first amendment rights, you should probably also challenge Facebook as well as “Mr Head Up His Own Political Ass” Blumenthal and throw it in their faces that most all the incidents where adults met minors online were adults with NO PRIOR sex offense record.

There’s more to the “powers that be” than you may realize. Facebook is one of those powers. Deal with them asap, please.