Reply To: NARSOL Press Release: Supreme Court Arguments Monday

John W

Actually, I do know that. I can only imagine how quickly our society would collapse if every law that was written, had to have three branches of government practice the futile exercise of answering every conceivable question.

I guess I’m just having a hard time with the almost 20 years of “piling on” of new laws and knowing in my mind what the “real” reasons are for them. When I read the argument by N.C. for their Facebook law, I’m sitting there with my mouth hanging open, looking like I’m going to be sick. It was like reading a bunch of words that were randomly put together with the hope that they could find someone who had zero knowledge of how Facebook works and then agree with their unsubstantiated reasoning. Well, it looks they found them.

In my opinion, I can’t think of a better way to monitor a persons attitude, behavior, belief system, and political affiliation apart from what they reveal of themselves with pictures and message posting on Facebook. Why do you think college graduates are advised to delete their Facebook accounts before they go job-hunting?