Reply To: Supreme Court unconvinced by North Carolina’s Facebook argument


NC brought up “the high rate of recidivism” as a reason to punish SO’s by denying them social media access. Of course they have no data to back up this claim because there is none. All legitimate data says SO’s have a very low rate of re-offending. Data that’s been compiled by the D.O.J.

Time to bury this myth about SO’s being at high risk to commit a new sex crime. It’s a dangerous time- with “alternate facts” becoming a thing. Unless you are Schrodinger’s cat, something either exists or it doesn’t. I sure as hell don’t want my life ruined over a lie. Not more than it already is.

Glad that NC case sounds like it may go our way. At least our cause is getting good coverage. What i’ve heard on the radio sounds positive and unbiased. If this goes good…what next?