Reply To: Supreme Court unconvinced by North Carolina’s Facebook argument

James Townsend

Tomorrow is my day as well for my case here in VA. While I could care less about face book or any of the other things one has to realize that options are better. They can give me more time on Probation or they could give me a second chance but when one really uses common sense and knowledge about this whole matter. They are just holding one in bondage for there vain purposes.

While one can do nothing against the truth but for the truth its a matter of trust. Sometimes I wonder if lying is still legal for those to stretch. One has to understand that lawyers want to win but in the end the truth will come out but before that one has to be honest with themselves. In other words a lot of this has to do with self-centered mankind. Just pray for me tomorrow Brenda and all others that want justice in all this ordeal.