Reply To: Okay to ban sex offenders from social media? Who’s next?


I read the full article and I’d like to make a public comment here on something the journalist said:

“The president thinks the First Amendment protects speech and beliefs he likes, but not those he doesn’t.”

Not for nothing but…this is exactly the mindset of the liberal left. Don’t believe that? Just look at any YouTube video of a Milo Yiannopous speech and whach the liberals, feminists and SJW’s rudely interrupt his speech. Whach how when they ask him questions they basically SHOUT AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS and when he tries to answer they CONTINUE SHOUTING.

The same can be seen on the videos of the Trump protestors. These liberals don’t want YOU to be able to say anything. Only they can.
So I guess the road is a two way street in that regard.