Reply To: Okay to ban sex offenders from social media? Who’s next?


I think most folks can sympathize with that. Sure, if you’re home-bound the internet is your connection to the world. It’s a great way to feel connected and fulfill the need for social contact. I believe the Court understands this….most of them, anyways. But thanks for sharing the PTSD with us. That’s the bigger issue for you, personally. And I’m sure everyone can appreciate how difficult that is for you. But, we’re all here because we want things to be better. So, let’s fan that flame as much as we can. We’re all family here because we all share this enormous burden; either directly or indirectly by way of our association to someone who is made to register. And like any family, we’ve got to make sure that we’re not contributing to the pain and suffering others are feeling. We need to empower each other, encourage each other, speak with positive, encouraging words. We want people to be informed, for good or bad. But we want people to be encouraged too. And there’s lots to be encouraged about. More good than bad. Let us dwell on those things.