Reply To: Packingham case asks: Is First Amendment negotiable?

H n H

Well, I got my letter today. I won’t be on here next week, or perhaps this weekend. I’ll be gone for a few years, so you people on here best make the most out of getting some sanity to what the legislature views as being “criminal”. I have faith in you all!

I hope my suggestion of making consensual sexual interactions between teenagers and people older into a civil matter is one which will be considered to be taken up as a cause. I further hope people wake up to the fact that our government (especially local) is completely nuts with prosecuting anything and everything under the sun if they can spin it their way in court. THAT needs to change!

In the end, I sure would like to thank the state for over 5 years of house arrest, taking over $100k of my money, the 4 attorneys which sucked me dry, the judge which twisted the law into any manner possible to get a conviction, the girls involved for doing something I wasn’t even aware of, then just going along with the flow that I had somehow made it all happen. They are in their 20’s now, and having a good time. Yay for them.

I’d like to thank the sex hysteria revolving around America which has made anything into a crime, even if you aren’t involved in making whatever happen.

I would like to thank the legislatures who refuse to listen to reason and instead listen to emotionally angry parents, (unwilling or unable to control their daughters), to institute harsher and harsher laws thus making a monster out of anyone and everyone.

I’d like to thank my bondsman who has cleared a cool $33k in house arrest fees and bond money, which made me foreclose on my house. I also want to thank my bank for screwing me out of my short sale on my house while it was being foreclosed on so they could squeeze another $2k out of me, even though I’d paid for the house nearly twice over.

I’d like to thank the girls who put me here, and am very happy that they can now claim they are “survivors” of abuse which they can now use to get them more attention for being so strong. Abuse which never happened until the DA got his sick mentality into the mess.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the detective which interviewed a 15 (almost 16)yr old girl as she said what happened was her fault and his reply to shut her up from telling the truth by telling her “You can dance in front of him naked all night long and that would be ok because it’s impossible for you to lead him on”…. (Yes, I have that in print). I know if I had said that to her and she did it, that would be a crime. But it’s ok for him to encourage such behavior.

I want to thank the 4 or 5 judges which took so much pleasure in destroying my 20 yr career. I commend them for their dedication to twisting and fabricating events out of thin air to secure my conviction. Congratulations! You’re good!

If I had the money, I’d like to buy a plaque for the DA to hang over his door that reads “Through this door lies the foundation for more misery, divorces, destruction, hatred and harm than ever thought possible”.

The introduction into the sex offender world has helped me hate this life, and the problem here isn’t just the registry people, it’s the loss of seeing any good in people. It’s looking for the absolute worst, making a volcano out of an ant fart, and creating as much hysteria as possible because that hatred is popular and gains votes and power. Our government is to protect people. ALL people, black, white, young, old. People. That’s why we’re here on earth, to work together. So, any lawmakers reading this, think about what you do.