Reply To: Packingham case asks: Is First Amendment negotiable?


Robert Curtis….

“the parole and probation departments, the social workers and therapist these are the unsung hero’s that have help make this happen…”

Are you even remotely serious!? Probation and Parole officers will do whatever the legislature tells them to do in the law. And although I’ve never been on “parole”, I AM on probation, therefore I say this about both entities:

Conditions of release are just that – conditions. Not LAWS. But these “officers” who dictate our lives will jump at the opportunity to put us back thru the court system ringer at the slightest “violation” of any of those conditions.
How is going into a restaurant that happens to have a bar somehow now an “illegal” act? It isn’t. Nor is alcohol illegal. But I was violated 6 yrs ago for simply being in a restaurant that has a bar. No proof needed on the part of the probation officer that I even consumed any alcohol. All the court needs is their BS violation warrant.

I am neither a liberal nor a conservative. I have agreements and disagreements with both sides.
And if you think for one iota of a second that liberals/democrats don’t look down on sex offenders, brother, you’re delusional.
Our former liberal democratic president signed the International Megan’s Law. Yeah. What a great thing those leftists are doing for us lepers of society.

How about just being an independent? What do people have against that? Seems everyone would rather be puppets and programmed robots than to use their own brains and thoughts.