Reply To: Packingham case asks: Is First Amendment negotiable?


I know how you feel. While the injustice was performed on my developmental disabled grandson, I still feel 99% of effects. I know about the laughing prosecutor, the exaggerated stories of what actually happened. He told a joke, albeit, a poor joke, but a joke none the less and they still charged him with accosting a minor. He was only 19 and she 14. He has the maturity of a 14 year old. Not even considered by the courts.

I’ve been through a lot of money myself trying to hire an attorney to do the right thing. His first one was incompetent and I believe he was afraid of the prosecutor. I even asked him if he was. The second was supposed to have filed a motion to have his plea withdrawn and never did. He then made up every story he could think of in order to buy time until I found the truth out. The third attorney attempted to have the judge place him on HYTA, but the judge said we came in at the “11th hour” and it was too late; although, my grandson’s probation was still active. Technically, we were not late and I don’t think that should have ever been said. They seem to only like technical when it’s in their favor.

It’s like no one is even really watching what is going on. It’s like insanity on steroids and there’s no way out. The courts are just lying in wait for a violation so they can collect even more money. What a cash cow! I refuse to even refer to the courts as a “justice” system – it’s only a legal system.