Reply To: Packingham case asks: Is First Amendment negotiable?

Robert Curtis

The TRUTH that NO news outlet dares to publish.
How a registered sex offender got the Democrats to a super-majority and why.

In April of 2011 the Orange County Supervisors passed an ordinance outlawing registered sex offenders from going to parks, beaches and harbors. This action hit me hard because as a parent I saved my son’s life twice once from drowning and once from choking. So, not only did the law violate my rights as a parent but also the safety of my child. The Republicans were on a march to do harm to both me and my family. Oddly I’ve always been a Republican. Come after me I can handle it but put my children in harms way this old soldier will fight back. Assemblyman Bill Brough with his AB-201 last year got me involved at the capital and on the ground in communities across the state.

Because of the Republicans I harnessed all the hairdressers in certain battleground districts and purposed to get Democrats elected. My first efforts in OC were with Lisa Bartlett for supervisor… she was neck and neck with Robert Ming until I unofficially joined her team only 4 weeks before election…she won by double digits!!! “NEVER under-estimate the POWER of the mouth of a hairdresser!” …became my Motto. Next would be John Moorlach for senate. I asked Don Wagner (my assemblyman) to meet with me but as soon as he found out I was a registered sex offender he refused. When he ran for senate ALL the Republicans turned their collective backs on John Moorlach and funded Don Wagner over $500,000 to defeat John Moorlach (Bad call). In April 2011 the ONLY voice of reason over the parks bans was Supervisor Moorlach. So I stood in Don Wagner’s capital office and stated with a loud voice I was going to do everything within my power to keep him as my assemblyman…NOTE: I kept my word he did NOT win the senate. Congressman Ed Royce pushed a passport identifier bill (HR-515) for ALL registrants. It didn’t even get heard via committee. Josh Newman now is knocking on his door as a Democratic Senator because I harnessed all the hairdressers in his district to get him in. How can a democrat with so little political experience get elected in a Republican district running against a seasoned assemblywoman? NEVER under-estimate the POWER of the mouth of a hairdresser!!! Sharon Quark Silva is now an assemblywoman again…wonder why? The Republicans came after my position as a parent and the safety of my child. They made it personal. The ONLY reason I didn’t do more is because of Senator John Moorlach getting wind of my exploits by me telling him I will put the Republicans in California on the endangered species list… He said, “ROBERT What are you doing!?!?” He personally asked me to retreat my efforts and as per our friendship from the 8th of September on I did little campaign efforts, but the damage had already been done. So in a way the Democrats super Majority is due to the Republicans and my efforts against them. On May 8th 2012 I appeared before the OC Supervisors and presented under public comments my position. Supervisor Shawn Nelson got the wrong file from deputy staff and blasted lies about me and my conviction at the end of the meeting. My offense was a misdemeanor NOT involving a child in Nov. of 1999. The comments I made that day shook the place to the ground…they can still be viewed on the OC Supervisor website. After the grinder of probation/parole, therapy and time served registered sex offenders have ONLY a .6% recidivism rate according to the latest Department of Corrections report via the Sex Offender Management Board. So then why do politicians keep pushing harmful laws against these people? The low numbers are because of the systems we have that are working and the real hero’s are those professionals that drive that system…the parole and probation departments, the social workers and therapist these are the unsung hero’s that have help make this happen. Why politicians keep pushing harsh laws is because ANYTHING harmful to a registered sex offender is easily sold as public safety and for protection of children even when the recidivism rates are at an ALL-TIME low. In the history the deep south politicians tied young black male slaves to barn doors to be whipped to show the respectable people how they kept their slaves in line. Today we have a different kind of “Whipping-Boy” keeping that same kind of evil spirit alive. We finally have the perfect kind of Whipping-Boy…we have the registered sex offender. The new Whipping-Boy for votes! Who would dare oppose any actions against these pariahs? Look at SB-26 by Senator Connie Leyva. Now I can’t attend my child’s teacher conference or my son’s athletic events. REALLY? For those good Christians out there I give you Matt. 25:40 “What you do to the least of these my brethren you do it unto Me”, saith the Lord. Who in today’s society is more least than a registered sex offender? So yes I Am the cause of the Democrats having a super-majority but I seriously doubt anyone would dare print that truth.