Reply To: Packingham case asks: Is First Amendment negotiable?


H n H

Sandy… I know exactly where he’s coming from. And something else, as Lin stated below: “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” That is precisely what our so called “justice” system has transformed into. And it is NOT going to change overnight, not in the next year, the next 10 years or this lifetime.

The people who “care” for us are a select few personal friends or family, those are NOT the people who can make an actual difference in our lives. The people who can make a difference are the people who put us into this mess and their motives are to continue the sham of sex hysteria by making everything into a crime, and the registry. I’ve tried not to give up hope, but I’ve lost too much! I went through 4 attorneys, nearly $100k of my own money, my 401k is drained completely, trial, appeals, and over 5 years of house arrest, loss of a 20 yr career I had built my life around, a foreclosed house, and now I’m struggling to pay house arrest fees and barely making rent waiting for the courts to come after me. Then what? What do I do with all my belongings? I have no family who’ll pay for it to be in storage! All that hell means nothing cause because the clown judge that tried me was voted out, even though he admitted he may have made a mistake. But the appeals court literally made stuff up to keep the conviction, and the Supreme Court just said “denied”. I was sentenced to 2 1/2 years. So I know my letter is going to come any day and I’ll be sent away to prison! What do I, or anyone in such a situation have to look forward to? Any happiness at all? All the abuse of the court system, the humor found in destroying me? My life has been nothing but a feeding frenzy to the DA. I have learned once an individual hits 18, your life means absolutely NOTHING AT ALL! You’re no longer of use to the courts to be exploited for sex cases, so they go after you for being the aggressor to throw us on the sex registry and get jail time. They don’t care about the truth, all they care about are convictions and destruction of lives, if you’re over 18, you’re fair game.

In my personal case, I was dealing with a serious midlife crisis/alcoholism and things got out of hand with a 15 yr old girl that refused to leave me alone when I demanded her to. In one brief second she shoved my hand up her shirt, lifted her bra up, and BAM! I immediately pulled my hand away in shock that she did that, getting away from her as she continued to try to wrap her arms around me, so yes, I attempted to defend the “indecent liberties” charge levied against me and told the truth on the stand. But hey, a touch is a touch, even if not motivated for sexual reasons! She’s a victim! Oh the humanity! That one second touch was gone over millisecond by millisecond by the DA until you’d think the entire event took an hour and had left her horribly disfigured for life. Despite the girl sitting there in the court room laughing her rear end off as I defended myself! Then the DA has the audacity to come out of the court room laughing hysterically with the father! What kind of sick twisted justice is that? It’s not about punishing actual harm. It’s about destroying a life for their own pleasure and gain of power! We all know it!

Look at what the registry does to us to push us to suicidal thoughts! Look at the shame, the humiliation, the social outcasts we’re all made into. Then look up the video of Amanda Todd on YouTube being bullied at school, she killed herself for being bullied. Yet the view count by CBS News for her being stalked is nearly 5 MILLION. WHY? Cause she’s cute! Yet what does our lovely court system do to people after it twists and turns a stupid unwanted event into a conviction? Apparently being horny in this country is illegal, even if it’s not you who was and wind up on the receiving end! Even if a young girl sends a picture of herself in underwear. That will be twisted into the crime of the century as well! What the hell! So, when a registrant has enough of the bullying the courts have done to his/her life and commits suicide, or the registry lands some vigilant nut-job to the front door of an ex sex offender and is murdered, that’s all ok. There’s no outrage for them. And btw, where are all the 18 and 19 yr old girls who dated a younger guy on the registries? Don’t hear much about those cases!