Reply To: Packingham case asks: Is First Amendment negotiable?

Suicidal Sex Offender

America! Land of the free! One nation under God! Yeah… Not anymore.

Are you a murderer? No registry.
Career scam artist? No registry.
Convicted of assault and battery? No registry.
Torturer of animals? No registry.
Repeat DUI offender? No registry.
Armed robber? No registry.
Convicted of arson? No registry.

But if a 16 year old girl pretending to be 18 on a dating app sends you naked pictures, and her mom finds out, you are suddenly the ABSOLUTE SCUM OF THE EARTH. You are now a sex offender… And in the eyes of the world, that means you are a CHILD MOLESTER/RAPIST (chi-mo or rape-o is what they will call you in jail or prison, while they harass and assault you).
You are outcast from society for life for your ‘mistake’ and you will never be happy again. This will rip your family apart like a tornado of injustice, misunderstanding, and hatred.
Thanks, America. I’m so proud.