Reply To: New York Times: “Vanishingly” little evidence of high re-offense rate


Gee, that’s nice for you. I committed my offense over 25 years ago, did probation and treatment, and then made the mistake of moving to Colorado. Since then I have had to go down to the police station or court house every 90 days, 30 days when I was homeless, My status is posted on the internet, and I have had people look it up to torture me, and to take from me. Also, no living in Arapahoe county, I have a sherrif come by every 90 days, in addition to having to go in, just to make sure nothing has changed. I now have several websites devoted to calling out my sex offender status, and even calling me a child rapist, even though all I did with my victims was one grope. But somehow calling me a child rapist makes it ok to say bad things about me.

I recently had my facebook account disabled, because I am a sex offender. I am very careful about who I tell, because you never know how someone is going to react. I don’t have a lot of friends, I do have one or two that I trust, but I am still guarded, you never know when they are going to turn.

I have lost a couple of jobs, and been denied even more, because of this. I currently work part time and do odd jobs to try to keep some sort of money coming in.

You talk about how these “laws are designed for those who would break them” but that is not true. Law or not, I will never offend again, I will not do it, and no one can make me, but these laws are still there to run my life. The Denver Police officer I used to see when I registered even said these laws are stupid. The ones that are intent on keeping the law, and do come in and register, are not the ones we have to worry about it.