Reply To: Why do crime registries that don’t work continue to grow?

NH Registrant

As I’ve said many times, the Registry is a money maker for not only the state, but sites like City-Data, Homefacts, and Mugshots who make money from site traffic of people looking on the registry. Then, of course, there are the Cell Phone apps which shows ANYONE a map to anyone’s home who is on the Registry. What if that person has children? Where is the outcry for THEIR safety should some idiot vigilante come calling? Oh, right, there is none.

Also, like I said before, if the federal and state gov’ts are so concerned with the safety of children then:
– Why are the numbers of homeless CHILDREN growing every single day?
– Why do the state and federal gov’ts cut benefits from people for assistance? 80% of the recipients of those benefits are CHILDREN.
– Why do the gov’ts constantly cut the budgets of schools?
– Why does the federal gov’t give it’s blessing to carpet bomb countries knowing full well that children will be maimed or killed?

Why, indeed?