Reply To: Why do crime registries that don’t work continue to grow?

Robert Columbia

Also, what would those “more steps to protect their daughter” actually be? Start carrying a gun? Switch to carrying a more powerful gun? Strap a tracker on the child? Ask the child to read a book on safety and to not wear certain clothing? Move to northern Alaska to become nomadic whalers?

There’s all this information posted out there that is supposedly supposed to be useful to parents, but it’s unclear what, specifically, they can do to protect against a specific registrant that they find listed, rather than just taking ordinary precautions like providing proper supervision and education.

If I feel the need to protect my family from not more than two persons convicted of not more than two sexual offenses committed more than 10 years ago but don’t want to go overboard/obsessive compulsive and implement protectionary measures that are only needed when dealing with people convicted of three or more sexual offenses or when there are three or more persons in the neighborhood who have been convicted of two sexual offenses committed within the last five years, where, specifically, can I find the latest best practices in child safety for this? Is there a book? Ammo recommendations based on registrant density index? Strength of GPS monitor to place on child based on number of recidivists within 30 miles of home and school? Appropriate skirt length calculator based on number of offenders in tri-county area at Tier 2 or above? With all the supposed sex offender research that is coming out every year, we should at least are the beginnings of such a system. Do we?

What we do find are vague “omg offender protect yr kidz!!11!one” warnings that increase fear and tend not to provide helpful information.