Reply To: Why do crime registries that don’t work continue to grow?


“Kanka’s parents argued that, had they known there was a sex offender in the neighborhood, they would have taken more steps to protect their daughter.”

Typical mistake # 1) Why do you need to know that there is someone in your neighborhood that committed a sex crime in the past? That sex offender had a time in his life when he had no criminal record. So just because you don’t see anyone on a registry in YOUR neighborhood, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t SOMEONE doing something illegal right under your noses.
So, thanks to the Kenka family (because their daughter is the only child ever in human history to be kidnapped, raped and murdered), people are so BRAIN WASHED with the idea that ONLY people on a registry are DANGEROUS. Can anyone ever throw this stupidity in their faces? Please?!

“With Megan’s Law, the federal government required every state to make their sex offender lists available to the general public or jeopardize federal funding.”

And this right here sounds like straight up BRIBERY. Which is illegal.