Reply To: “There are lies, and then there are damn lies” — Mark Twain, paraphrased


The time for oral arguments is fixed. The Court will not allow either side to take more than its allotted time. David Goldberg was not “used” but was rewarded for his willingness to coordinate the amici briefs that were submitted in support of Packingham. Mr. Goldberg did this without compensation from anyone…but on account of his commitment to this case and his belief in the petitioner’s constitutional rights. This was NOT the appropriate case to drag the court’s noses through its own vomit. Mr. Goldberg’s job was to represent the interests of his client, Mr. Packingham. Those interests would not have been served by forcing the court into a discussion of statistical data that IS NOT relevant to the question presented. To have done so would have been an extreme waste of time, counter to his client’s best interests, and would have invited the anger of the Court. Oral arguments are not a time for grandstanding or high stakes rhetoric. And Mr. Goldberg is certainly no “quack.” He is a well respected and experienced litigator.