Reply To: “There are lies, and then there are damn lies” — Mark Twain, paraphrased

In Search of Liberty

If you remember your history, Adolf Hitler was very effective at this sort of thing. He told the German people lies big as the Pacific ocean and for hypnotic effect he repeated them very often. And that is the crux of proponent arguments in favor of SSO laws: tell a big lie, i.e., high recidivism among SOs, and for hypnotic effect, repeated it very often. I heard a trial attorney make a very insightful comment on the radio the other day. To paraphrase he said, American society has gotten to the point where anyone can make any type statement make any type of accusation against anyone and offer no proof of the matter what-so-ever yet, that person will be believed by the general public just because he/she said it. A good case in point is president Trump’s assertion that former president Obama wire tapped is headquarters during the presidential campaign—a bomb shell allegation. Now you would think that making an accusation like that Trump would most certainly lay out his evidence to prove such an allegation; however, to date with much prodding by the press to come forth with proof, neither he nor his staff has offered one iota of proof. And this from the president of the US!!! I was a youngster then but I remember president Eisenhower. He was a man’s man. A person with a high level of honesty and integrity. He said what he meant and meant what he said. I have not seen a president like that since. I take that back, President Reagan came close to this type of man. But every president after that has been full of S%$#. But I blame the American people for being politically as well as historically ignorant! Today’s American I call the “TMZ” generation because their news and information comes from this faddish TV channel and others like it.