Reply To: “Pedophilia panic” leads to irrational and life-destroying consequences

NH Registrant


This is our world. I spent 5 years in SOTP listening to all the B.S. because that is how they make money. It’s a crooked system. I’m sorry to anyone who believes in the “treatment” they offer – but, most of it is plain common sense. If you did it, don’t do it again. Yes, you hurt people by doing it. Yes, you hurt yourself. If you understand those things, then no further treatment is needed. But, like the registry, it’s a money making scheme. A lot of kickbacks fly around where registrants are involved. They know the public is ignorant about it and hate registrants as much as they hate those boogeymen, the terrorists (which are supposedly around every corner like registrants). I couldn’t imagine being on parole for life. 5 years was bad enough. So, I’m sorry that you’re being treated that way. There should be SOME limit to the years you can be on parole. They should NEVER be able to hand down a life sentence for parole unless you flat out murdered someone in cold blood.