Reply To: “Pedophilia panic” leads to irrational and life-destroying consequences

NH Registrant

Fogle had the book thrown at him because he was a public figure who had no “connections” which would hush it all up or lessen his punishment. We all know the Registry is a joke that protects no one. We also know that the only reasons it exists are for free revenue for states and political brownie points from ignorant voters. The public is brainwashed about sex offenders in all media: TV shows, Newscasts, and even movies. I was watching a recent movie where they shoe-horned in an uncle who was taking liberties with his niece. Was it necessary? No. They could have just made him a physically abusive person. But, because people have a sick fascination with wanting to hate others, they put that in and left it as part of the story. Personally, I’m sick of it. I stopped watching specific shows I enjoyed because they started adding sex offenses as humor or propaganda. It’s disgusting to me. But, this is how our society is based: propaganda and manipulation.

It does give me hope, though, when I see people who have “woken up” from the brainwashing our media does on a daily basis. Lots of people know that what they see on TV is complete BS and more people are waking up every day. Sooner or later, the vast majority of people will be aware that they are being lied to. But, by then, will it be too late?