Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?


CP, none of us are saying that we shouldn’t have to per se, what we are battling with here is the exhaustive length of time that we have to do it. i think that many of us do believe that the registry is not a bad or wrong thing, but come on… A lifetime registration… Especially for some of those who are tier 1 and had just a misdemeanor? Let’s say for a moment that you are a drunk driver and you not only received a 3rd drunk driving, but others were hurt, not killed but hurt. Now the judge finds you guilty and sentences you to 6 years in prison. You serve your time and are released on parole. Shortly before your release your told that you have to be put on a 15 year registration because of this drunk driver registration law that was passed a few years ago in memory of a family that got killed by an anonymous drunk driver calling it the spaulding law in honor of that family’s last name. So now you are say, half way finished with being on that registry, but now you get another letter stating that a new law has been passed because a little baby died in a drunk driving accident and you’ve been reassessed and have to be on a lifetime registry. i ask you CP is that justice, constitutional? Were not saying do away with the registry, were saying give us our due process rights like every other criminal.