Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?



Bert, your discouragement and frustration are certainly understandable, and I expect all of us who are registered citizens have considered, more than a few times, just giving up. Most offenders I have known are not monsters, they are men (and women) who made some very poor decisions which resulted in some very hurtful (for the victim) actions. But, we must not allow ourselves to be categorized by society, and ostracized to the point we are rendered powerless and hopeless. Whether things get better for us, or worse, we must strive to maintain our dignity and integrity. Weakness and shame can overtake us only to the degree that we allow ourselves to be molded by the opinions and unjust laws of society and government. We must never give up the fight to regain what is rightfully ours by virtue of the Constitution. However, we must fight, not from a position of anger and despair, but with a calm voice of reason and steadfast determination. I applaud those who possess the courage to continue holding their head high in the midst of such seemingly overwhelming odds. Be encouraged Bert. Injustice can never crush the spirit or silence the voice of those willing to meet it with hope and perseverance. Hang in there, and no matter how difficult the road ahead let us never lose hope that positive change will come.