Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?

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Well CP, I will turn this around and ask you why you think there needs to be a reason to disclose your living situation and be publically registered if you have completed the terms and conditions of the penalty phase?

The idea of a registry is taking off in many directions now, e.g. registry for felons, DUI, etc and not just for those who are convicted of a crime related to sex or not sex, e.g. public urination, mooning, Romeo & Juliet romance, etc. It really is a feel good thing for those who are insecure, want to profit from the registry, need political votes or want the focus on others while they continue their yet to be caught similar criminal ways and nothing more than that (sad, but very possible), e.g. Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley.

So what if your neighbor was a white collar felon who has to register for all the public to see? Why should that matter? Who are you to judge them if they have completed their penalty phase and are free to go about the world? Who cares if the neighbor has a DUI driving record? It is their problem, not yours. Every time they get into a car, you never know if they have had a drink or not, but then again, the same goes for anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car, so the highlighting the neighbor alone is stupid. Highlight all drivers then if you need to highlight the possibilities!

All a registry does is highlight the mistakes people have allegedly made and ostracize them for all to see. There is no need for that.