Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?


Bert Friedman

I’m so tired of being on this witch list. I no longer am able to read and absorb things. I feel like the stress and depression that goes with being registered is finally beating down my spirit. I asked God and prayed so long ago before this registry when I was placed on probation for my 30 year old crime to heal and guide me and so he did. Fast forward some 20 years and I was arrested and forced to register.
Due Process
these and many other words are slowly being pushed out of my mind as EXTREME anger and depression enter. I am a survivalist and I will not go down like some wimpy thing made to take his medicine.
I’m tired of all of this my days are numbered. Good Luck to you if you are still fighting. I’ve got 1 good fight left in me. Then Im going to let out the years of being fucked with for something I paid my debt for and moved on with.
Written through my dripping tears as I no longer care very much about what is written on some paper some fool put together. In the End I will do Gods work.
Ich Ben dur Krieger als dur Russhie Tigre