Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?


This reply is for Chris, thank you for your reply, I asked Ms Aukerman the Attorney from the ACLU who is in charge of the Doe v Snyder case. She told me since the SG is now involved, that SCOTUS will probably take the case,and we should know something by fall,now I don’t know if she meant they will review in the fall or they will have a final decision in the fall. She did say a while back ago that I could either be removed all together or that I would go back to 25 years which would be up on June,since they moved my registration date to my conviction date of 6/19/1992 or they could move my registration date back to 1995 in that case I could still be on it till 2020 when I am 51. I guess know it’s just waited and see what happens.