Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?

NH Registrant

In Search of Liberty,

Due Process gets violated with many people in US courts every single day. But, it happens to people with sex crime charges even more because the public is taught to hate anyone who is even accused of a sex crime through their TV propaganda: the evening news and shows like Law & Order SVU. In my case, in particular, due process was violated in the most egregious way as my lawyer was continually denied the constitutional right to have the “evidence” examined by an expert. We were only allotted ONE expert analysis and, wouldn’t you know it, more evidence magically appeared after a plea deal was drawn up for the initial evidence findings. We were not allowed to have an expert look at THAT evidence and that evidence was used to lengthen my sentence from 1 year to 7 years. So much for due process.

I also agree that these laws are appearing to be a precursor to similar laws being passed against non-registrants. We are the “testing bed” so to speak. If one class of people can be vilified and all constitutional rights stripped from them, who is next? We cannot call ourselves a democracy when classes of people are stripped of the very rights they were born with in this country.