Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?


I have had similar thoughts before. I see it more like some evil people (or force if you will) who want to create the one world government and keep most of the population under its control, working behind the scene to bring about, keep, or increase these draconian laws as a means or weapon of subjugation first to a small group of people (who are generally not liked) and then increase their stranglehold to the rest of the population. These people exploit naive or seemingly right things, but then twist them to their advantage to act against people in general. After all who would be against protecting the children? Protecting the environment?

If you ask a random person in the street what he/she thinks about personal privacy and individual liberty, he/she will respond in favor of privacy and liberty. But then add “terrorists” and/or “pedophile” in the same sentence, and these same people will be willing to give up their privacy and rights without any thought.

Gradually, the Constitutional of the US has been reduced to mere paper, and for people in the registry, not much different from the paper used in toilets.