Reply To: Supreme Court asks for input of Solicitor General; what does this mean?

In Search of Liberty

Oh my God, here we go again with another Smith case. Ladies and gentlemen I believe there are some very, very powerful behind-the-scenes forces at play here. Forces that have a “vested interest” in keeping sex offender (SO) laws in place which leads to me think that there are other esoteric components involved here. What am I saying? I believe SO laws are merely “precursor” laws, designed to pave the way for more punitive and restrictive laws that will be applied to all US citizens somewhere in the near future. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want to but think about what’s going on here. What keeps SO laws in place? 1) the court says because these laws are not punishment. But did they (SCOTUS) ever define exactly what punishment is? I don’t recall, so exactly what is their definition of punishment? Think about what I’m trying to say here. 2) SCOTUS said even when SO laws are applied to people years (in my case 13 years) after their conviction and sentence, they still do not violate Ex Post Facto and Due Process (Substantive or Procedural). So why in the hell are Ex Post Facto and Due Process prohibitions in the US Constitution? So it is NOT punishment to be denied “life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, NOT a violation of Ex Post facto when applied AFTER your conviction and sentence;NOT a violation of the 14th Amendment Due Process right when NOT given notice of charges against you and right to defend yourself in open court, then, denied right to confront your accuser, i.e., the State. So what the hell is going here if NOT a bigger, long range conspiracy? To conclude, here is my prediction. I don’t if anyone else sees this but, by use of deductive reasoning tells me that SCOTUS signed its intent as to Snyder when they asked the SG to submit a brief. I call it COVER. They can’t affirm the 6th Circuit’s decision because Snyder will then be law of the land and this will open up an avenue for 10,000 law suits over the country challenging state SO laws. So they have to grant cert, hear the case, and then overturn the 6th Circuit. Why do I think this? Because again, there are very, very powerful behind-the-scenes at play here with an estoteric long range agenda for everybody.